How to Use This Resource

This resource has been created for teachers to use when introducing an international language in primary schools of any language setting. The use of rhyme, rhythm and repetition across three languages simultaneously will encourage learners to become curious about all languages and increase their sense of identity within their own communities and within a global community.

It complements the training programme offered by the British Council, but can also be used independently, without any prior training.

There are 33 activities here (22 ‘starter’ activities and 11 ‘main’ activities) for you to use with your class. These activities range from simple drama games to full, multi-part songs in three languages. These songs were created especially for Cerdd Iaith by poet Mererid Hopwood and composers Gareth Glyn and Tim Riley.

We have provided everything that you will need to lead your pupils through the resource, with full instructions for every activity, videos to teach you the games and songs, sheet music, lyrics, suggestions for extension and reflection, and more.

The resource has been written with one-hour sessions in mind, but offers the flexibility for you to structure the lessons to suit your learners. We have suggested five contexts which can help you when planning learning activities.

You can choose to structure the lessons in different ways. We have suggested five themes to organise your lesson plans around. All of the activities on the site can be grouped under one of these themes. Or, if you prefer, you can pick and mix the activities to construct your own bespoke lessons for the learners in your setting.

You have five themes to choose from:





Time and Space


Spanish Dialect

Spanish is a language spoken in over 20 countries across the world. Several variations exist in different countries, all officially recognised and accepted. In this resource, there is a mix of Spanish from Spain and Argentina and, although there are some small differences, students would be able to communicate and make themselves be understood.


What is the training programme offered by the British Council?

Since 2016, British Council Wales and our partners have offered training to teachers as part of their Continuing Professional Development (CPD). This training, which is delivered by the project partners including musicians, linguists and drama practitioners, takes place on INSET days and consists of ‘on your feet’, creative learning.

This training helps teachers to understand exactly how the activities work in practice, and to use this resource in class confidently and with enjoyment.

Practitioners who created this resource are also available to come into schools and model lessons directly.

If you are interested in benefiting from this training, please contact British Council Wales by email

Or you can write to us at:
Cerdd Iaith Project, British Council Wales, 1 Kingsway, Cardiff CF10 3AQ