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OBJECTIVE: To encourage learners to extend their vocabulary

Pupils will receive a card with an ingredient they have and two/three more they need. The pupils then go on a hunt to find their (recipe) team. They can use the following structures in German/Welsh to communicate:

J'ai…. Mae gen i…  I have….

J’ai besoin de …..  Mae angen… arna’ i.     I need ….

As- tu…? Oes gen ti…? Do you have…?

Je n'ai pas... Does dim... gen i.    I don't have....

Once their (recipe) team is complete, they can start guessing what dish their recipe is for.

What you need to do

Familiarise your group with vocabulary regarding food/basic ingredients. You can also use the fruit and vegetable vocab section.


Pupils can create an ingredient list of their favourite dish. Their peers have to guess what their favourite dish is.

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