Red Ball

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Objective: Use a range of listening strategies to infer and deduce meaning. Focus, concentration, listening skills.

Pupils stand in a circle.

Pupil 1 throws an imaginary red ball to someone across the circle.

At the same time they say the name of the person they are throwing to followed by “Red ball”.

Pupil 2, who catches the imaginary red ball, says:

“Red ball, thank you”


So it goes like this

P1:           (NAME) Red ball (Throws imaginary ball)

P2:           Red ball, thank you. (Catches imaginary ball)

P2:           (NAME) Red ball (throws imaginary ball)

P3:           Red ball, thank you (catches imaginary ball)

P3:           (NAME) Red ball (throws imaginary ball)



Gradually introduce three other beach objects, using the vocab section below, until you have four objects in the space.

Yellow bucket / Bwced melyn / Le sceau jaune

Green spade / Rhaw werdd / La bêche verte

Blue deckchair / Cadair las / Le transat bleu 

Red Ball– Whiteboard activities Red Ball Vocab