Wind Thunder Lightning

OBJECTIVE: Develop language skills through drama games and through listening to, retelling and engaging.

This is a fast-paced warm-up game. Play it so that anyone who hesitates or makes a mistake is out. Keep going until only two players remain. They are the winners.

What you need to do:

Pupils stand in a circle. Start by passing a clap around the circle. Now add the word wind, le vent, qwynt as you clap. Practice passing this in both directions around the circle.

Next introduce lightning which goes across the circle to a person opposite. Pupils stretch their arms our and pass a lightning bolt across the circle as they say the word lightning, le tonnerre, mellt. They must make eye contact with the person they are striking with lightning so that it is clear.

Now practice putting wind and lightning together. Pupils can pass wind to the person either side of them or a lightning bolt to a person across the circle.

Now introduce thunder. Thunder bounces wind and lightning back to where they came from. If a pupil has had a wind or lightning passed to them they can bounce it back using thunder. They stand and raise they hands and face their palms up and roar thunder thunder, l'éclair, taranau. The person who passed them wind or lightning must now try and pass their weather to someone else.


You could start with just sounds to represent wind, lightning and thunder before introducing the words in Welsh or French


Wind Thunder Lightning – Whiteboard activities