Hello, My Name Is

Kids with hello signs
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OBJECTIVE: For pupils to ‘get into their bodies’ and warm up their voices and bodies, tune in their listening skills and fire their creative imaginations. To introduce simple greeting phrases in Welsh/German and English.

In a circle or standing up in the classroom pupils introduce themselves with the phrase 'Hello, my name is…' in German, English or Welsh and add an abstract action as they say it. The action/movement can be as simple as a wave or a wiggle of the hips or a star jump or a stretch.

After they have done it all the pupils repeat the sentence and action together.


Use new vocab to build the sentences.

Hello my name is…. and my favourite hobby / food / sport is... (plus action demonstrating that favourite thing).

Hallo, ich heiße…. und mein Lieblingshobby ist... (hobby) / / mein Lieblingsessen ist... (food) / mein Lieblingssport ist... (sport)

Helo fy enw i yw… ac fy hoff ddiddordeb yw... (hobby) / fy hoff fwyd yw… (food) / fy hoff chwaraeon yw... (sport)

Hello, My Name Is- Whiteboard Activities