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OBJECTIVE: For pupils to express themselves and introduce memory techniques

In a circle or standing up in the classroom, the first pupil says a sentence in German, English or Welsh and add a noun to say what they like.

Ich mag…… Dw i’n hoffi… I like…..

The second pupil tells the group what the first pupil likes, and then adds their own like.

Paul mag Pizza und ich mag Schokolade... Mae Paul yn hoffi pizza a dw i'n hoffi siocled... Paul likes pizza and I like chocolate.

The next pupil adds their own sentence, until the last pupil says what everyone likes before adding his or her own like.

What you need to do:

Familiarise pupils with food related vocabulary in the vocab section. Split pupils into smaller groups to begin with.


Pupils select whichever language they like, but the next pupil must use a different language for their whole sentence.

Pupil A- Ich mag pizza

Pupil B- Paul likes pizza and I like chocolate

Pupil C- Mae Paul yn hoffi pizza, mae Samira yn hoffi siocled a dw i'n hoffi cacen.

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