The Sun Shines

Sun in the sky
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OBJECTIVE: Focusing listening skills. Warming up physically and vocally. Preparing students to take risks and learn in a more creative and multi-lingual environment.

Pupils sit on chairs in a large circle. Teacher shares the rules (see below) and then stands in centre to begin.

Teacher says ‘The Sun shines on anyone who is…’ in German or Welsh, and then completes the sentence with a statement in English.

For example:

Mae’r heulwen ar unrhyw un sy'n … had breakfast this morning

Die Sonne scheint auf jeden, der … wearing black shoes

Everyone for whom that statement is true (e.g. everyone who is wearing black shoes) must now stand up and change chairs with someone else. The last person left standing in the centre must now make a new statement which is true about them.


Mae’r heulwen ar unrhyw un sy'n ... likes cats

Die Sonne scheint auf jeden, der  …has a brother


There are some important rules you must share with pupils before you begin:

The statement must be true about you

You cannot swap with the person sitting next to you unless you are the only two people getting up

You can’t stand up and then return to your seat

This is a non-contact and no running game

The Sun Shines – Whiteboard activities