Children making a group picture
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OBJECTIVE: To create a rich language environment & use body language to show engagement.

This is a quick warm up game to introduce the theme of nature and related vocabulary. This can be done in the classroom standing behind desks if necessary.

What you need to do:

Pupils walk around the space. Explain they are going to ask pupils to transform themselves into different things. Say the words in Welsh or German first and then translate into English.

E.g. Transform yourselves into coeden, ein Baum , a tree

Use the vocab section for ideas.

The next step is for the learners to transform as a group. Tell the learners the size of the group they need to get into (in Welsh or German) and then 

Transform yourselves into a coedwig, forest, Wald


Pupils state what they are (I am a tree) in Welsh or German once they are transformed e.g.

Coeden ydw i

Ich bin ein Baum

Transformers- Vocab