Make A Film


Objective: Learners and Teachers work together to produce a piece of work to share with learners from other schools and other countries.

This is great way to showcase the work learners have been doing. You can make a film which allows learners to decide what they want to share and how. Perhaps they could perform one of the songs they have learned at a school assembly, or demonstrate a game to new learners. They may want to write a script in three languages and film conversations with each other.

Tips for making a film

-Use a program like Windows Movie Maker or Imovie.

-Select a start page. Perhaps you can write the names of everyone involved in making the film.

-Remember to keep the camera still; use a stand or tripod if you have one.

-You could experiment with using different transitions to go between scenes.

-You could also use photographs in the movie.

-Film numerous ‘takes’ and from different angles so that learners can select sections of film to include.


Once you have the permissions of everyone involved, you could share your film with other classes in your school or other schools in your area. You could even try and make contact with a school in Spain or Argentina! It's a musical postcard!