Playing on the Beach


OBJECTIVE: To encourage learners to approach dialogue fluently and confidently

After learning the Beach song, learners can use the lyrics to converse with each other.

What you need to do:

Say the lyrics of the Beach song in Spanish, English and Welsh. Ask learners to repeat.

Split the class into two lines A & B facing each other. Teacher says words in English and pupils repeat, speaking to line opposite

B: When the sky is blue

A: Yes?

B: And there’s not a cloud in the sky

A: Yes….?

B: We go to the beach

A: The beach?

B: It’s the best place in the world

Next replace B’s lines with the Spanish phrases and then the Welsh phrases.



Ask learners to mix up the languages. For instance, partner A could ask the question in Spanish, and partner B could answer in Welsh.

Playing On The Beach – Whiteboard activities