Tango'r Tengo

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Dwi wedi blino, beth yw’r ots?

Dwi wedi blino, beth yw’r ots?

Dwi eisiau dawnsio’r tango, tango, tango tango

Dwi eisiau dawnsio


Mae eisiau bwyd arnaf i

Mae syched arnaf i

Mae ofn arnaf i

Mae peswch arnaf i

I’m tired, I’m tired,

I’m tired, I’m tired

But still I feel like dancing the tango, tango, tango, tango

Yes, I feel like dancing


I’m hungry

I’m thirsty

I’m afraid

I have a cough

Tengo sueño, sin embargo

Tengo sueño, sin embargo

Tengo ganas de bailar el tango, tango, tango, tango

Tengo ganas de bailar


Tengo hambre

Tengo sed

Tengo miedo

Tengo tos

Objective: Introduce the learner to the idea that some phrases don't translate exactly and encourage the learner to listen to different melodies and languages simultaneously.

What you need to do:

You can choose how you want to work with the song; it is written to be sung one language after the other until the last verse, when all three verses are sung at the same time.

Start by working on each language separately. When learners are comfortable, move on to working with two languages sung at the same time, before progressing to all three.

Extension:Don’t forget to add some actions. The Tango is traditionally a very emotional dance, so see what your pupils can come up with!


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