Forest Stone River

OBJECTIVE: Introduce and use nature-related vocabulary. Explore an activity with planned and spontaneous speaking and listening elements with their peers.

This game is a physical version of the classic Rock/Paper/Scissors game. It can be played with hands only (like Rock/Paper/Scissors) in the classroom in pairs if no larger space is available.

What you need to do:

Split pupils into two equal groups and ask them to stand in two lines facing each other at each end of the hall. Now teach them three words with accompanying actions.


Forest, Coedwig, Bosque (all stretch up and become trees)

River, Afon, Río (all mime flowing water)

Stone, Carreg, Roca (all crouch down as small as they can)

Now explain the rules of which actions beat others (like in Rock/Paper/Scissors). For example: Forest grows over Stones, Stones block River and River floods Forest.

Now in their groups they must decide which one to be. They take five paces forward, and on your command Go, Ewch, Ya, each group says their chosen word and acts out the appropriate action.


When they realise theirs is the winning choice, they must chase the others and try to ‘tag’ them. Anyone who is tagged must go back with the opposing team to their side of the hall.

If both groups choose the same word, they must return to their side, grumbling and muttering a phrase such as:

That’s not fair, ddim yn deg, no es justo

I'm sad, dwi’n drist, estoy triste

The game can continue until all are captured and only one group exists.

Forest Stone River– Whiteboard activities