I Am Going To Bring

Packing a suitcase
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Objective: To consider the impact of culture and language on each other and explore Welsh history and the Welsh/Spanish languages imaginatively and creatively.

In a circle or seated in the classroom, pupils imagine they are the passengers getting ready to set sail for Patagonia in 1865. Have a conversation about that period in history and what they would have wanted to take with them.

Pupils take it in turns to introduce themselves and state what they would take, repeating all the objects that the pupils before them have said in the right order before they name their own object.

Students can create an action or gesture to go with their object which everyone also has to repeat. The object(s) will be in English:

e.g. Helo fy enw i yw Clare a rydw i’n mynd i ddod â... warm blankets.


As the weeks progress, pupils can use the vocab sections their vocabulary and can work towards saying the whole sentence in Welsh or Spanish.

I Am Going To Bring – Whiteboard activities