Port and Starboard

Feet running on beach

Objectives: Develop listening and language skills through a physical group game. Use body language to show engagement. Take part in group and social interactions knowing appropriate times to join in.

Based on the well-known children’s game 'Port / Starboard', this activity requires the school hall, playground or a large, cleared classroom.

Teacher explains there are a series of commands which require a physical response. Practice each before you begin.

Top Tip #1 play and eliminate those who are last or get things wrong.

Top Tip #2 alternatively put the class into two groups. Have one group saying the commands and scoring and the other group reacting.


Introduce commands in Welsh and Spanish. Teacher helps pupils by doing the action at the same time as saying the command.

The Sea – Run to one side of the hall

The Sand – Run to the opposite side from the sea

The Grass – Run to one side of the hall

The Café – Run to the opposite side of the hall from grass


Add other commands in using the 'more vocab' section below.

Boat (plus number) e.g dinghy 4 – Pupils in groups of number stated sit on floor in a line in between each others' legs

Dig in the sand – Pupils kneel and mime digging a hole

Sunbathing/Lie in the sun – Pupils lie on their backs

Swim – Mime swimming around the space

Fly a kite – Get into pairs, skipping, hold hands and sing ‘Let’s go fly a kite’

Throw a frisbee – Get into pairs and mime playing frisbee

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