Take me to Patagonia

Tall ship sailing the seas
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Objective: To introduce the theme of Patagonia, explore Welsh culture and history and begin to hear and use Welsh and Spanish while having fun creating frozen pictures.

Ask pupils to think about the voyage of the Welsh settlers to Patagonia on the ship Mimosa. Get them to think about how the settlers would have felt and what they might have seen. Then ask the learners to 'become' a frozen picture of something on the ship. 

What you need to do:

Standing in a large circle, pupils take it in turns to enter the space and make a frozen picture of an element of the ship.

As they settle into their 'freeze' they announce what they are with the words “I am…” followed by whatever they have chosen to be. E.g “I am the mast”. Continue until all pupils have entered the circle and become part of the group frozen picture.

The words "I am..." can be in Welsh or Spanish. As the pupils' vocabulary increases in future weeks the Welsh or Spanish used in the sentence can increase.

Here are some examples:

Pupil 1: I am / Soy / Dwi yn … the mast

Pupil 2: I am / Soy / Dwi yn … a sail

Pupil 3: I am / Soy / Dwi yn ... a passenger feeling seasick

Pupil 4: I am / Soy / Dwi yn ... a rat on board the ship

Pupil 5: I am / Soy / Dwi yn ... the ship’s cat chasing the rat

Pupil 6: I am / Soy / Dwi yn ... the youngest passenger on board

Pupil 7: I am / Soy / Dwi yn ... a whale in the Atlantic Ocean

Pupil 8: I am / Soy / Dwi yn ...the captain of the Mimosa.


  1. Further ideas for group frozen pictures: arriving in Patagonia or the Settlers' Huts.
  2. Extend vocabulary and then say whole sentence in Welsh or Spanish, e.g Dwi yn capten y llong (I am the captain of the ship).
Take me to Patagonia - Whiteboard activity