The Beach

Beach scene with gulls

OBJECTIVE: To create an entry point into the theme which allows pupils to hear and respond to theme-specific vocab for the first time.

This activity can take place in the classroom or hall.

Explain pupils are going to become an orchestra. Their voices and bodies are their instruments. Together they are going to create a soundscape of the beach.

The teacher is the conductor.

Like in a real orchestra there will be different sections, but instead of the brass, wind and percussion sections they are going to be the sea, the wind, the beach and the café sections.


What you need to do:

Split the group into the four sections. Make the sea and wind sections the largest.

Encourage pupils to make different sounds within the sections using their voices and hands/feet as percussion. 

Use your arm to conduct. Raise your arm when you want them to become louder and lower it when they need to become quieter. Holding your hand up means stop.



Using the vocab section, add words into the section. Learners in the beach section could add the word for sand into their music. The café section could use the words for pizza or ice cream.