Tôn Gron

Use the arrows on the bottom right of the video to enlarge. Follow the music in Spanish. The tune is the same for the English and the Welsh lyrics.

Dwi’n hoffi siarad Sbaeneg

a Saesneg a Chymraeg,

A dysgu gair fel ‘dragon’,

‘dragon’ ac yna ‘draig.’

I love the Spanish language,

And Welsh and English too,

And one day when I’m older

I’ll come and visit you.

Me gustan los guanacos,

me gusta el fútbol,

Me gustan los chubascos,

me gusta más el sol.

Objective: Introduce the learner to a simple phrase 'I like' and to begin to introduce vocab specific to themes and countries.

The Tôn Gron song has three verses, one in each of the languages, all using the same tune.

What you need to do:

Start by looking at the lyrics in each language and listen to how to say them, line by line. Once you have learnt the lyrics, listen to the music. There is an option to listen to the music on its own or with singers.

You can choose how you want to work with the song; perhaps you want to split the class into different groups and each group takes it in turns to sing a different language. When you feel that you want to move on, you could try singing the song in a round. There is an example to listen to so you know how to do it.


Substitute other words in each language. For example, instead of I love the Spanish language, you could sing, I love the beach in summer…


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