What's the Time, Mr Wolf?

Alarm clock
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Objective: To learn vocabulary of the 12 hour clock and mealtimes through a fun traditional game.

One pupil 'the wolf' stands at one end of the hall. The rest of the class at the other. They ask

What’s the time Mr Wolf?

Beth yw’r amser Mr Blaidd?

Qué hora es , señor lobo?

The wolf can either tell the time

e.g it’s one o’clock / mae hi’n un o’r gloch / es la una en punto

in which case the pupils can take one step forward and ask again. If the wolf says it's seven o'clock, they must take seven steps, counting as they go.

OR the wolf can say

It’s dinner time / Mae hi’n amser cinio / Es la hora de cenar

And can then chase the others and see who he can catch before they reach their line of safety.

The first person caught then becomes the new wolf.


Try different phrases in Welsh and Spanish

Its lunchtime/Mae hi’n amser cinio/ Es hora de almorzar

Its breakfast time/Mae’n hi’n amser swper/Es hora de desayunar

Its supper time/ Mae hi’n amser swper/ Es hora de cenar

Its snack time/ Mae hi’n amser cael snac / Es hora de merendar

Use the vocab section for different number vocab.

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